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1.SEO Warrior
(ISBN 9780596157074)
John I Jerkovic
Not rated yet.
Seller: dethme0w
Price: $20.65   View Details

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<div><p> How can you make it easier for people to find your website? And how can you convert casual visitors into active users? <i>SEO Warrior</i> shows you how it\'s done through a collection of tried and true techniques, hacks, and best practices. Learn the nuts and bolts of search engine optimization (SEO) theory, the importance of keyword strategy, and how to avoid and remedy search engine traps.</p><p>You\'ll also learn about search engine marketing (SEM) practices, such as Google AdWords, and how you can use social networking to increase your visibility. Ideal for web developers, savvy marketers, webmasters, and anyone else interested in SEO, this book serves not only as an SEO tutorial, but also as a reference for implementing effective SEO techniques.</p><ul><li>Create compelling sites with SEO that can stand the test of time</li><li>Optimize your site for Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft\'s Bing, as well as search engines used in different parts of the world</li><li>Conduct keyword research to find the best terms to reach your audience--and the related terms they\'ll respond to</li><li>Learn what makes search engines tick by utilizing custom scripts</li><li>Analyze your site to see how it measures up to the competition</li></ul><p/></div>

2.Riders on the Storm
My Life with Jim Morrison and the Doors
(ISBN 9780385304474)
John Densmore
Not rated yet.
Seller: dethme0w
Price: $6.50   View Details

Listing active since 2016-04-26 22:05:54.

Here is the book that Rolling Stone called "the first Doors biography that feels like it was written for the right reasons, and it is easily the most informed account of the Doors\' brief but brilliant life as a group".

3.Bloggers Boot Camp
Learning How to Build, Write, and Run a Successful Blog
(ISBN 9780240819174)
Charlie White, John Biggs
Not rated yet.
Seller: dethme0w
Price: $9.75   View Details

Listing active since 2016-04-26 22:37:49.

<P>Bloggers Boot Camp shows you how to build a great blog from the ground up. This isn\'t a book about technology -- it\'s a book about engaging millions of readers. Starting your blog is easy, but building and maintaining a popular one is hard. <BR><BR>Blogging experts John Biggs and Charlie White (Gizmodo, Mashable and TechCrunch) share their secrets from the frontline showing you how to blog with quality and flair, find the best stories, and attract millions of readers to your blog.<BR><BR>Blogging goes way beyond writing. It\'s a conversation between you and your audience. Guiding you to blogging success Bloggers Boot Camp shows you how to: </P> <UL> <P></P></UL> <P>* Uncover a niche for your blog, and realize key factors about yourself that you need to know before you write a single word.<BR>* Gather the ideal tools for blogging, without spending too much or approaching it underequipped.<BR>*Discover the best ways to spread the word about your new blog.<BR>* Find the most compelling stories to write about, and get the information before anyone else does.<BR>* Transform your writing by learning the subtle art of constructing a compelling, engaging blog post.<BR>* Stimulate your readers to directly participate in the two-way conversation, perhaps the most exciting part of this new way of communicating.</P>

Babylon 5, BooK #1
(ISBN 9780440220572)
John Vornholt
Not rated yet.
Seller: dethme0w
Price: $3.00   View Details

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Surrounded by telepaths during a Psi Corps Convention, Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova and Security Chief Michael Garibaldi are unable to help resident telepath Talia Winters when she is accused of setting off a bomb on Babylon 5.