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Hypnotism and Hypnotic Suggestion
A Scientific Treatise on the Uses and Possibilities of Hypnotism, Suggestion and Allied Phenomena (Lost Technology Serie
(ISBN 9780917914621)
E. Virgil Neal, Charles S. Clark

Lindsay Publications, Inc. 1987 / Paperback
Condition: Fine [?]

Hypnotism and Hypnotic Suggestion A Scientific Treatise on the Uses and Possibilities of Hypnotism, Suggestion and Allied Phenomena(Lost Technology Series) By Thirty Authors. Edited By E. Virgil Neal, A. MD Ll. D.,and Charles S. Clark, M. A. Originally published in 1900    • Introductory The character of the contributors of this work is sufficient guarantee of its scientific presentation of the subject of Hypno-tism. It is designed as a compendium of this science. No truth has been kn...  • Hypnotism By Direct Suggestion It can be laid down as a fundamental principle that there is nothing unnatural or occult in the phenomena of hypnotism; what may appear mysterious to us at present will be found to be quite in conform...  • Suggestion As Used And Misused In Curing Disease In order to explain the phenomena of hypnosis, and allied conditions, a number of writers have assumed a duality of mind, and speak of subjective mind and objective* mind as distinct entities. Such an...  • Suggestion As Used And Misused In Curing Disease. Part 2 Greatrakes and Gassner, and their many followers and imitators, cured thousands, and amassed fortunes in so doing. Perkins devised rods of zinc and copper that he called tractors, which were suppose...  • Suggestion As Used And Misused In Curing Disease. Part 3 We are all familiar with the classic experiment of pretending to bleed a condemned criminal to death and actually causing his death, though no blood was really shed. This experiment shows the remarkab...  • Suggestion As Used And Misused In Curing Disease. Part 4 Personal appearance has something to do with success in this line; but much less than is generally supposed. Many insignificant looking men have succeeded remarkably well; but they have been men of un...  • Some Unnoted Aspects Of Hypnotism One of the most important conclusions which Dr. Moll draws in his masterly discussion of hypnotism is that the phenomena of hypnosis have many more points of contact with ordinary life than would be ...  • Some Unnoted Aspects Of Hypnotism. Continued I take it then, that the phenomenon that we call hypnotism, which quite plainly happens when special efforts are put forth, Is constantly happening in lesser degree all about us. The common sense whic...  • Animal Hypnotism Whether there is in animals a state which may properly be called hypnosis is a disputed question. Opinions on the subject range between two extremes; on one hand Czermak,1 a careful investigator of th...  • Animal Hypnotism. Continued It is a matter of popular knowledge that a sitting hen may readily be changed from nest to nest, if her head be tucked under one wing and her body rocked to and fro slightly. An animal thus treated wi...  • How To Control People In The Waking State. Prepared Especially for Students Four Simple Tests. Important Study each test in the order given. You should thoroughly master the first test before attempting the second, and you should thoroughly master the second test before atte...  • How To Control People In The Waking State. Continued Second Test. Drawing Backward. Preparation Do not, under any circumstances, undertake this test until you have succeeded with the first test. Unless you master the tests in the order given we cannot ...  • Miscellaneous Experiments. Old Custom By the old methods you are taught to put a person to sleep before making his arms stiff or controlling him in any manner. This is entirely unnecessary; besides, it robs the student of valuable practic...  • Hypnotism Impressions And Suggestions All truth is precious, if not all divine, And what dilates the pow\'rs must needs refine. - Cowper. Know Thyself. The greatest study of mankind is man. - Shakespea...  • The Limitations Of Sense Measured by human standards - and we have no others to guide us - the purpose or object of thought is to enhance the power, both in scope and quality, of our intelligence, and to raise us as a persona...  • Evolution Of Thought We do not pretend to say that we have arrived at the manhood of our being; we do not claim perfection in the small acquirements of human life; we know that we have just entered a superior realm from w...  • Self-Hypnotism Another form of self-hypnotism: Allow the thought, and it may lead to a choice; carry out the choice, and it will be the act; repeat the act, and it forms a habit; allow the habit, and it shapes the ...  • Hypnotic Influence Hypnotism and telepathy: there is nothing at all supernatural about them. It is simply putting into practical application certain natural laws, which at the present time are imperfectly understood by ...  • Hypnotic Influence. Continued Possidoneus says in relation to St. Augustine, that when he was afflicted with his last illness, there came a woman with a sick man to him and desired that he would touch the latter, that he might be ...  • Peculiarities Of The Human Mind In Its Relation To Hypnotism Man is a complex being and is possessed of a brute nature, as well as one human and divine. The common belief that human nature is the same through all the ages is a fallacy. It is accepted without pr...  • Hypnotic Suggestion; Power Of Mind Over Matter Reason is the great truth-organ of the soul. Let us be true to it. Now, the class of phenomena investigated under the name of hypnotism attracts more general attention, because the scientific and the ...  • A Strange Force We take a piece of wrought iron which weighs one pound, and place it upon a block of steel which weighs three thousand pounds; it does not adhere in the least. We then place it in an electro-battery, ...  • Telepathy The power of thought transference is an awakening breath from the spirit universal. In thought transference, which is the basis of all strictly psychic phenomena, the brain is both a transmitting and ...  • Mind As A Mental And Chemical Compound The universe is an automaton; a vortex of vortices multiplied -speeding, whirling, gyrating around a center; one eternal, harmonious, concrete whole. Motive power is the Deific Trinity God; the Omnipo...  • Soul-Sensitiveness There is a far more intimate connection between terrestrial and super-terrestrial states than most people imagine; and with the rapidly increasing soul-sensitiveness of large numbers of people all ove...  • Self-Delusion And Its Relation To Cunning And Selfishness I honor the man who is willing to sink half his present repute for the freedom to think; and when he has thought, be his cause strong or weak, will sink t\'other half for the freedom to speak! Not car...  • Life As It Is And Misdirected Intellect Life is generally made unendurable to those who are born; ahead of the age in which they live. Plato, Copernicus, Galileo and Columbus were all more or less punished and ridiculed while alive. Now, th...  • Galileo\'s Prison Song Though you fear me, though you doubt me, I shall win whate\'er befall; Though you jeer me, though you flout me, Truth and I against you all! Though you bend me, though you break me, Time and I again...  • We Cling To Our Beliefs Simply Because They Cling To Us Suppose a mountain of diamonds, glittering in the sunbeams, were at a distance from a company of men, but visible to them by their radiant light. Suppose that between this treasure and these men were ...  • Suggestion In Trance Phenomena To account for the phenomena of hypnotism, the doctrine of Suggestion has been accepted by many observers as meeting most of the requirements of a philosophical solution. The celebrated medical scho...  • Suggestion In Trance Phenomena. Continued The Harvard professor of psychology has voiced the logical inference drawn from phenomena of this class, in saying: The great vivacity of the hypnotic images (as gauged by their motor effects), the o...  • Morbid Subjective Impressions And Their Eradication Through Hypnotic Suggestion There are two classes of cases one meets in neurological practice, cases which at times are exceedingly difficult to deal with and cause both the family and the physician endless trouble; I refer to p...  • Suggestive Therapeutics It is a well known fact among physicians and those who have had any practical experience with hypnotism, that all diseases can be greatly benefited or cured by suggestion or suggestive therapeutics. W...  • Suggestive Therapeutics. Continued The suggestions for all surgical operations are given in the same way. There are two ways of producing the desired results. The first one is as follows: Have the patient seated in a chair and put him...  • Hypnotism As An Aid In Medicine 1 am convinced that the time is fast approaching when physicians will place as much confidence in hypnotic suggestion as in medicine, if not more. The changes that have taken place in the practice of...  • How To Hypnotize Difficult Subjects The method which I shall give for hypnotizing difficult subjects should be used only by physicians or those who understand the effects of chloroform or ether. I have found it very efficacious and have...  • Hypnotic Cure For Hiccoughs Stand in front of the patient and look steadily between his eyes. Ask the patient to raise his right hand as high as possible until it becomes a slight strain. Make him maintain this attitude for one ...  • Personal Magnetism Personal magnetism is personal trust, - it is an intangible something that creates confidence, - it is the power of personality. Some call it personal atmosphere; some do not call it anything, for the...  • Personal Magnetism. Continued Cultivate decision of character. Learn to say things with promptness and with a calm determination that leaves no room for doubt in regard to your sincerity. Do not vacillate. No vacillating leader ve...  • Hypnotic States And Their Next Of. Kin One often hears the word hypnosis used as though the thing for which it stands were as definite an entity as typhoid fever or diphtheria. Any recognized disease consists of certain well-marked sympt...  • Hypnotic States And Their Next Of. Kin. Part 2 This brings me to the fourth phenomenon, - suggestibility. By a suggestion is meant any impression or idea which tends to produce in the subject some change other than itself, more especially to pro...  • Hypnotic States And Their Next Of. Kin. Part 3 These six are the leading phenomena which are produced by the manipulations which I have described. But not all are found in the same subject. One might almost say that no two subjects hypnotize in ex...  • The Fundamental Principles Of Hypnotism Hypnotism constitutes no exception to the axiom that the successful study and practice of any science depends, primarily, upon the student\'s mastery of its fundamental principles. This sounds like - a...  • History Of Hypnotism About fifteen years ago - I was then a student eighteen years of age - I began to think seriously about hypnotism. At that time the extensiveness and significance of hypnotism had not been accepted in...  • Some Manifestations Of Double Consciousness And Their Relation To Hypnotism Now and then individuals are met with, seemingly actuated either alternately or simultaneously by two different and distinct personalities. The personality usually predominating is regarded as the nor...  • Some Manifestations Of Double Consciousness And Their Relation To Hypnotism. Continued In all the earlier tests the subject knew in each case what kinds of images he was expected to select from the train following the exposure. After a time it was found easy to pass from letters to nume...  • Suggestibility The topic receives its significance from the fact that suggestion is by far the most notable of the phenomena seen in hypnotism, also that its investigation is necessary to any kind of theoretical exp...  • Double And Multiple Identity One of the most striking and familiar facts in ordinary hypnosis is the complete and dramatic change of personality on the part of the hypnotized subject at the command of the hypnotizer. Even an igno...  • Double And Multiple Identity. Continued The fastidious, refined woman dreams of being a swearing seaman, glibly using the coarsest profanity, and so on. But the deepest and most fundamental line of cleavage in consciousness is its division...  • Extra Personal Control In Hypnosis Psychosis is mental activity. Any state of consciousness or mental process is a psychosis. Strictly, the activity is the psychosis. The term is sometimes used to designate the product of the activity....  • Extra Personal Control In Hypnosis. Part 2 In all these - action, or, more properly, volition that determines action, - feeling, sensation and perception, - the control exercised by the hypnotist is through the imagination of the subject - thr...  • Extra Personal Control In Hypnosis. Part 3 In hypnosis the hypnotist controls action of the subject which is habitual, by determining the initial neurosis. This is determined by determining the idea that arouses the initial neurosis. So far as...  • Curative Hypnotism Incitation, which is called suggestion, addressed to the mind of the sleeper whose inert nervous force is centered in the idea of sleep, must without resistance direct this force by turns to any part ...  • Psychologic Basis Of Hypnotism - Non-Voluntary And Voluntary Powers In order to apprehend clearly the nature of hypnosis it is essential that we study the salient facts of the mental life, which lie at the foundation. We must find the data or principles, by which we d...  • III. Structure Of The Will In the will we find a complete affiliation of the voluntary and non-voluntary processes. 1. Non-Voluntary Side The non-voluntary activities, as a rule, do not rise into consciousness, that is, we be...  • IV. Adaptation, Imitation And Ideo-Motor Action Man develops in terms of his environment. . He is largely what his surroundings make him. His survival is a matter of adaptation. This law of his development appears not alone in his relation to gener...  • V. Hypnotic Control From these general facts we rightly judge that, in our normal life, attention is freely directed. Whatever overcomes this free balance of power impairs our self-consciousness, and widens avenues of ap...  • The Scientific Value Of Hypnosis The firm establishing of the facts covered by the term hypnosis, and the discovery of the methods duly under control for the manipulation of the state, make it possible to give a more or less judicial...  • Trance And Suggestion In The Christian Religion We must take for granted that the reader of this paper is acquainted with the meaning of the words hypnotism and suggestion; that he knows the efficacy of ideas to be dependent upon the multitude of c...  • Trance And Suggestion In The Christian Religion. Part 2 It has become customary to look askance at the great ecsta- sies of the old mystics; we have come to feel that there is nothing particularly sacred, or religiously exalted, about the God-Intoxication,...  • Trance And Suggestion In The Christian Religion. Part 3 At the meeting a pressing invitation was given to all persons present to give themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ with the assurance that He would save them. A bed was given him in the Mission-house. ...  • Trance And Suggestion In The Christian Religion. Part 4 This is a transformation of the heart as complete as a revivalist could desire it, and in a particularly unpromising subject. These two preliminary points established, we can turn, to the peculiar p...  • Trance And Suggestion In The Christian Religion. Part 5 We have described the Northampton revival under Jon. Edwards, but Whitefield, Tannant, Davenport, Nettleton, Hallock, Wesley, Finney, Moody, Pearsall, Smith, General Booth, etc., obtained similar resu...  • How To Hypnotize And Awaken A Subject In commencing your experiments in hypnotism, the selection of a suitable subject is a point of vital importance. After the subject has been secured, endeavor by every means at your disposal, to convin...  • How To Make A Subject Fall Backward After you have secured, as much as possible, the confidence and willingness of the person with whom you are about to experiment, request him to stand in front of you with his eyes closed, his feet tog...  • How To Cause A Subject To Fall Forward In this experiment request the subject to stand facing you with his eyes open and feet together. Have him look directly into your eyes, or at a small, bright object which you hold a few inches in fron...  • How To Clasp The Hands Together After placing the subject on a chair in a comfortable position, request him to clasp his hands together with the arms straight and the fingers interlocked. Stand in front of him and request him to sta...  • How To Produce Sleep There are several methods which may be employed in putting a person into a hypnotic sleep. They all have as a foundation the tiring of some one of the sense organs. The most common way of operating is...  • How To Create Illusions It is easier to create an illusion than a hallucination; that is, it is easier to give a man a cane or an umbrella and tell him it is a fishing rod and make him believe it, than it is to convince him ...  • How To Awaken A Subject In nearly all cases a slight shock, such as the snapping of the fingers or the clapping of the hands, repeated a few times, together with the assurance, You are all right. Wake up! will be found suf...  • What Is Meant By Personal Magnetism The task now before us is to convey to the mind of the student what is meant by Personal Magnetism. Personal Magnetism is commonly known as the art of making one\'s self pleasing to people, - impress...  • Memory And Suggestion One of the startling, yet essential activities of the human mind is its ability to reach backward from the present moment and to reinstate the ideal values of the chief features of its past -experienc...  • Memory And Suggestion. Part 2 In the more pronounced states of suggestibility, the changes which the mind undergoes are many and profound. These changes tend to throw light upon the data belonging to this special field of investig...  • Memory And Suggestion. Part 3 Normal consciousness tends to inhibit this latent memory through the incessantly varying high degrees of volitional control of the complicated associative systems, into which the mind is disposed to a...  • Hypnotism In Moral Education Three well established facts have, in recent years, greatly strengthened the conviction that hypnotism may be of service in moral disorders. The first of these is its utility as a therapeutic agent in...  • Hypnotism In Moral Education. Part 2 This once within his power there is hardly a limit to the reactions it is possible to produce. As a result of my work, says Dr. Sidis, one central truth stands out clear before my mind and that is ...  • Hypnotism In Moral Education. Part 3 The crucial question in the employment of neuropathic suggestion, centers in its effect on the will of the subject. The real advantage, morally, if any, must be looked for in its power to increase his...  • Fundamental Problems Of Suggestion When the hypnotist causes the subject to perceive or to experience that which, without the hypnotic influence would not be perceived or experienced, we speak of the action of the hypnotist as suggesti...  • Fundamental Problems Of Suggestion. Part 2 But then either the atom consists of smaller parts with interstices between them, and we stand again before the original problem, or the atom is simple, and then it is nonsense to attribute elasticity...  • Fundamental Problems Of Suggestion. Part 3 Sometime ago Professor Kuelpe in Wuerzburg made some surprising experiments which proved absolutely that the hypnotized does not see the suggested color but the real one, no matter what he states to t...  • Hypnotism And The Will The practical significance of hypnotism arises at the point where it come3 in contact with the will. For the layman, therefore, who desires an intelligent acquaintance with the general import of hypno...  • Hypnotism And The Will. Part 2 A little observation will probably convince anyone, that in the case of learning to make new and unfamiliar muscular movements, as in acquiring the ability to play a musical instrument, we do thus riv...  • Hypnotism And The Will. Part 3 Taking these elementary facts, we shall now examine them in the light of our previous analysis of the nature of the will. We have already seen that every voluntary act is brought about by fixing our ...  • The Relation Of Hypnotism And Suggestion Of all the phenomena connected with hypnotism that of suggestion is so striking and so evident that to the lay mind it overshadows all else. It seems to be so far removed from anything in the ordina...

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